DAWGS Stops Winter Break-Ins

Break-Ins Rise as Temperatures FallDAWGS Stop Winter Break-Ins

An unsecured vacant property is vulnerable to break-ins, squatters, material theft and a host of criminal activities. These hazards are year-round threats, however during the winter months, sub zero temperatures can bring new concerns for unsecured vacant properties.

Winter Woes for Vacant Properties

  • More Break-Ins and Squatters: As temperatures plunge, more individuals will seek refuge from the bitter elements in an accessible, unsecured vacant property.
  • Increased Risk of Fires: When the mercury drops, the risk of fires in vacant properties rises as squatters increasingly build fires to ward off the cold.
  • More Criminal Activity: As the rate of uninvited inhabitants in unsecured vacant properties increases in the winter months, so does the rate of crime. Drug offenses, violent crimes and theft of building materials and tools are more prevalent in unsecured vacant properties in freezing temperatures than in mild conditions.

Protect your vacant properties from the winter woes with DAWGS Steel Door and Window Guards. DAWGS provides unmatched security and managed access to the property.

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