Top 5 Reasons Realtors Choose DAWGS to Secure Their Properties

vacant property securityWhy Realtors Choose DAWGS

When real estate owners and agents know their properties are safe and secure, they can show and sell them faster and easier than ever before. Information collected from a recent survey revealed the top 5 reasons real estate professionals choose to secure their properties with DAWGS steel security solutions:

  1. No safety concerns – When a property is secured with DAWGS, realtors feel safe showing the property. DAWGS stops break-ins, so real estate professionals can rest assured that there are no squatters or criminal activity at the property.
  2. No lockboxes or key management – With DAWGS coded steel doors, there is no need to coordinate keys and lock boxes. Managed access to the property means properties can be turned quicker.
  3. Maintains property value. No break-ins, no theft – improved curb appeal, ensures the property will maintain its value and won’t compromise the value of other properties in the neighborhood.
  4. Streamlined approval process. Several institutional and large banking customers ask for DAWGS by name to secure vacant properties, especially in distressed neighborhoods.  Securing with DAWGS speeds up the approval process.
  5. Faster rehab projects. If a property needs to be rehabbed prior to sale, DAWGS steel security solutions ensure materials and tools can be left in the property without the threat of theft. On-time, on-budget projects lead to higher profits.

DAWGS flexible, fast-response installation teams can put up and take down DAWGS window and door guards whenever you need them.

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