DAWGS Examines the True Cost of Vacant Properties

The Vacant Property Problem

Vacant properties are not just eyesores, they pose a real threat to public safety. When not properly secured, vacant properties, especially in distressed areas, attract criminal activity. Drug and theft calls to the police are more than double in neighborhoods with abandoned buildings.

Another threat to public safety results from fires in vacant buildings. Arson and accidental fires in vacant structures cause numerous deaths and injuries and cost millions of dollars in property damage annually. Fires in vacant properties unnecessarily put the public and firefighters at risk.

Homeowners also pay the price

Homeowners in communities with vacant properties are negatively impacted financially. Studies reveal that property values are decreased in neighborhoods with vacant properties. In addition to plunging property values, homes in close proximity to abandoned properties often times have higher insurance premiums. Higher premiums are assessed due to the risks associated with abandoned properties.

Steel Door and Window Guards Stop Break-ins

A vacant property not properly secured only exasperates these problems. In distressed neighborhoods, the only sure way to stop break-ins and reduce crime is with DAWGS steel door and window guards. DAWGS recently surveyed Property Investors, Rehabbers and Real Estate Professionals who have used steel door and windows guards to secure their vacant properties. These property stakeholders agreed that steel is most effective material when it comes to safeguarding a vacant property in distressed neighborhoods.




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