Top Mortgage Marketing Articles

If you’re a loan officer or a mortgage lender and you are struggling with digital marketing you are not alone. Most everyone that we talk to in the business is having a hard time with this at one level or another. Of course there are a small group of people who excel at mortgage marketing, but it’s a very small percentage.

Loan originators and loan officers tend to be natural salespeople. They’re people oriented, problem solvers and networking comes naturally. They like working with people, so for them, sitting behind a desk and working on their website or just social profiles or trying to connect with real estate agents on Facebook and LinkedIn is a big priority.

To help you improve your online mortgage marketing, we’ve grabbed what we think are some of the top mortgage marketing articles on the web. Enjoy!

The Evolving Role of the MLS in Mortgage Lead Generation

Excellent article from RatePlug – the leading mortgage marketing platform. Through innovative technology that makes the process of buying and selling a home much more efficient and effective, the MLS now has the potential to address multiple needs for buyers, especially in regards to special financing and affordability. And the lender is a major player and the missing piece to the puzzle. In fact, this creates a huge mortgage marketing opportunity for lenders. While the MLS is a solid collaboration and research tool for agents, mortgage lenders seldom understand the power the MLS can provide to their business, and thus are missing out on new home finance opportunities.

Purchasing mortgage leads: Top 8 Things to Consider

Learn the best practices for finding mortgage leads from a former loan officer.

Why you want extroverts on your team

What personality styles are fit for the mortgage industry? In many cases, it’s the extrovert. It’s easy to see why.

Mortgage Marketing Online – Let’s Do It

Learn about mortgage marketing and how to increase loan volume from the nation’s oldest, largest, and most popular website for home buyers and mortgage shoppers. Recently, HBI broke into the mortgage marketing scene using a one client per metro area model.

Getting employees to grow

Recruiting and hiring means nothing if your employees cannot grow from within. Explore these helpful tips to get more out of your employees.

7 Marketing Tips for Loan Originators

7 mortgage marketing tips and tools – with examples for each – to jumpstart your practice.

Mortgage Marketing Compliance Checklists and Templates

This article compiles information from several mortgage marketing compliance checklists to ensure you stay compliant amongst all the industry changes.

Mortgages and the Markets

Access news and commentary on mortgages markets from archived articles published in the New York Times

The mortgage market is now dominated by non-bank lenders

When shopping for loans, most borrowers don’t think twice about whether they are getiting the loan from a bank or non-bank. Here are key differences between the two to keep in mind.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies that Fuel Your Next Mortgage Campaign

Despite record low interest rates, a steady increase in origination costs is putting pressure on lenders and marketers to find more efficient ways to acquire and process loans. Here are 10 digital tactics to address this issue.

Mortgage Marketing Using The Noise Canceling Formula

Mortgage marketing strategies are everywhere. But few show the digital marketing efforts of somone who split time working in the mortgage business and the digital marketing world. Learn how this person’s “noise-canceling” formula for mortgage marketing brought in millions of dollars in loan volume.

The MLS for Lenders – Is it an Overlooked Mortgage Marketing Tool?

One unmentioned and underused mortgage marketing tool is the MLS. RatePlug provides a technology platform that generates new opportunities for lenders by integrating loan information into the MLS listings of their partnered agents.  In essence, it allows lenders to insert themselves into the transaction and use the power of the MLS to stay visible, connected and relevant with the agents and their home buyer prospects, all while remaining compliant.

See how RatePlug can be the strongest tool yet to generate mortgage marketing leads.