Tech Company Founder Reduces Salesforce Developer Shortage

In a bold move that cannibalizes its own custom application development business, SilverTreeSystems introduces a rapid application development platform for Salesforce allowing non-coders to build workflow applications 10X faster.

CHICAGO (July 21, 2017) – For years, Jon Sapir, founder of Chicago-based tech consultancy SilverTree Systems, couldn’t find enough Salesforce developers to meet his clients’ demand for custom Salesforce applications. SilverTree was far from alone as some estimates suggest that the demand for Salesforce developers is five times higher than the current supply.  

How do you grow a services business when you can’t hire Salesforce developers fast enough?

To keep up with demand and to help their clients become more self-sufficient, SilverTree has leveraged the tens of thousands of hours they have spent developing custom Salesforce applications to create a powerful platform called Xpeditor for Salesforce that significantly accelerates application development, deployment, and maintenance on the Salesforce platform.  

If you are a custom application development shop, reducing the need for custom Salesforce development services seems a bit counterproductive, but Sapir believes no-code development has completely changed the game for his clients.

“Currently, the lack of developer supply means custom application development is expensive. Therefore, only processes that are critical enough to warrant a business analyst and a development team get apps. But, if the development team is always maxed out, and budgets are finite, how does an organization stay nimble and agile? Now, with Xpeditor for Salesforce, we’re building more apps faster for our clients and equipping them with the tools they need to update and grow the applications,” said Sapir.

Reduce the Salesforce Developer Shortage

When you reduce development time by an order of magnitude, there are obvious economic benefits. With Xpeditor for Salesforce, process build outs can be completed by business users, system administrators and junior developers. These non-coders can now deliver 90% of an app before handing it over to a more experienced developer to add any final snippets of code that might be required. This means expensive developers spend more time tackling the really challenging stuff.

“For enterprises using Xpeditor for Salesforce, no-code/low-code development increases agility, equips employees and customers with the tools they need to be successful, focuses development talent on complex and challenging applications — all while reducing development backlogs,” shared Sapir.

What has been SilverTree Systems’ clients experience with Xpeditor for Salesforce been to date?

Xpeditor for Salesforce is the most powerful solution I have seen for rapidly authoring apps and extending the power of Salesforce across our organization. We’re using it to deliver a sub-set of Salesforce data and other systems of a record to mobile field reps,” said James Heagney, COO of Atomic Brands. “The simplicity and speed Xpeditor offers will change the game.”  

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ABOUT Xpeditor

Xpeditor for Salesforce, from SilverTreeSystems accelerates productivity and helps enterprises better plan, execute, manage, scale, measure and improve workflows and processes. Headquartered in Chicago, SilverTreeSystems helps both startup and Fortune 100 companies reduce the Salesforce developer shortage by delivering a rapid application development framework for custom applications 10x faster. Silvertree works across a broad range of industries, including media, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, distribution, oil & gas, and finance.

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