What are the best methods for protecting vacant investment properties?

Evaluating 4 Methods for Securing Vacant Property

When investment properties are vacant during renovation, building owners often evaluate different methods for securing the vacant property to protect from break-ins, vandals, squatters, or thieves intent on stealing new appliances, copper pipe, or the contractor’s tools.

We’ve compared various vacant investment property security options below:

Plywood & Board-Ups

Plywood window board-up has the perception of being the most affordable method of vacant property protection- however, plywood instantly telegraphs that the home is vacant to all passer-bys. Plywood also gives the perception that the neighborhood is in decline – especially when multiple buildings in a neighborhood have plywood boardups.

Security Cameras

The problem with security cameras in distressed areas? Surveillance cameras are expensive and easy to steal. In addition, disabling cameras or simple disguises often mask the identity of intruders and vandals.

Security Guards

Guard dogs and security guards are less common than board-up and cameras because it is expensive. On-site manpower involves putting someone’s life at risk, particularly if the dog or guard encounters a criminal who didn’t anticipate getting caught.

Steel for vacant investment property security

The best alternative for vacant investment property security is steel door and window guards. Steel is stronger, more durable and more attractive than plywood and very effective at keeping intruders out of the building.

For more information about how steel guards for vacant buildings can help you, contact DAWGS today.



The Cost of Fighting Community Blight

The blight inflicted on communities by vacant properties is undeniable; in fact, a new white paper suggests just one year of vacancy causes around $150,000 in damages—namely due drops in property value, increases in crime, and increases in costs to police and fire departments that service the area. <READ MORE>

An Open and Shut Case for DAWGS Steel Door Guards

If you are familiar with DAWGS or have used their services to secure a vacant property, you know their steel door guards and window guards provide unparalleled, impenetrable security.

What you may not know is that for some applications DAWGS provides a steel door guard-only solution. In a situation where securing the entire property with steel door guards plus window guards is not necessary, the DAWGS door guard-only solution is available.

Gyna McElwee, Manager of the OREO (Other Real Estate Owned) Department at a large bank in Chicago knows about the DAWGS door guard-only benefits first hand. In her role, Gyna is responsible for securing and selling foreclosed property. <READ MORE>

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