Webinar – Cyber Source – How are you reducing fraud rates?

How are you reducing fraud rates?
Spot more fraudulent orders faster and maintain a positive customer experience

In the digital economy, fraud is sophisticated and increasingly hard to detect. Simultaneously, providing a seamless customer buying experience is critical to maximizing revenue.

Traditional solutions only address one or two key elements of fraud management, but today a multi-layered approach is required. One that reduces the threat of fraud from account creation through to transaction approval.

Join this webinar to learn best practices for building a comprehensive approach to fraud management and reducing fraud rates.


Nathan Wood
Director Product Management

Both as a merchant and as a leader at CyberSource, Nathan has been at the forefront of fraud prevention for over ten years. He works to ensure valuable, accurate, and easy to use fraud prevention enhancements are paramount throughout the CyberSource product lines. Having spent time assigned in Singapore, Nathan leverages his global fraud and payment experiences to ensure all geographies’ needs are met.