Home Buying Takes Work. That Work Just Got Easier.

We are entering a critical time in the real estate industry for home buying. Almost half of U.S. adults who don’t own a home say they plan to buy one within five years, according to a Gallup survey.

That’s up 8% from last year’s survey. If this real estate demand holds true,  home prices will only continue to rise. Homebuyers will need all the tools they can get to weigh affordability against their goal of owning a home.

Buying a new home is arduous task that requires several steps. Prospective buyers may be asking:

  • What kind of loan do I qualify for and how I get pre-approved?
  • How will transaction costs and fees impact my decision? Besides the down payment, there is the deposit, appraisal, inspection, attorney, movers and more expenses in addition to the buying price.
  • What kind of personalization and facelifts will my new home require?
  • How will my debt-to-income ratio impact the sale?

60% of real estate contracts fall apart because of issues with the buyer’s financing. A little transparency can go a long when determining the real price of a home.

Enhancing the M.L.S. Listing for All Parties


Rate Plug is tackling this problem head-on by helping buyers understand the total cost of owning a new home directly within the M.L.S. Real estate taxes, insurance and HOA fees displayed underneath so they understand the total monthly payment for each property viewed.


A more informed homebuyer. Agents that use RatePlug gain access to stronger buyers—houses sell 15% faster with Rate Plug—because they understand the total monthly cost and their financing lines up with monthly financing of the home.


RatePlug automates the management of  the agent and originator relationship with direct MLS integration. Whenever a an agent lists a property, schedules an open house, or places a property under contract, lenders receive proactive alerts. Home buyers are more likely to qualify and close when lender rates and products can accurately calculate monthly costs – including principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and HOA.

RatePlug is designed to bring a unique capability to Realtors and an innovative way for Lenders to dramatically increase mortgage loan production through the Realtor channel.  Learn more about how Rate Plug is building a totally different relationship between Lenders and Realtors here.