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Enterprise Collaborative Work Management Research: How to Get It Right

The inundation of productivity apps in the workplace may be doing us more harm than goodThe American Psychological Association found that the average information worker uses eight applications a day — and all that switching between email, chat and other programs actually ends up diminishing productivity.

Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management Research from Forrester

When the customer is the central focus of a company’s strategy, its employees must work together more efficiently. Every day, employees focus their activities on helping their companies win, serve, and retain customers, even if the employees aren’t engaging face-to-face. Cross-functional and cross-organizational initiatives are becoming the norm, and sharing information is essential; unfortunately, employees require a multitude of applications to do this. Firms are demanding more-seamless user experience for the technologies that employees use, and as a result, a new market that brings together task management and collaboration has emerged. Collaborative work management (CWM) tools enable employees to address both needs in the same application. This report describes this emerging market and highlights how these solutions can help project managers and enterprise architecture (EA) leaders enable teams to work together effectively.

Processes Masquerading As Projects Are Hurting Your Business

The problem with project management is that business processes are often masquerading as projects. In reality, most business activities require a hybrid system that combines process and project functionality. To understand how project and process silos are hurting your business, download a copy of Work-Relay’s whitepaper click here.

A Visual Guide To Critical Chain Project Management Techniques

The problems in Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) come down to six issues: task padding, deadline scheduling, backward-looking metrics, overlapping project starts, multi-tasking and critical path problems. This guide provides a analysis of the problems addressed by CCPM and the techniques needed to overcome them. To download the whitepaper on this subject, click here.

18 Advantages of a 100% Native Salesforce

Salesforce Appexchange contains thousands of add-on applications for the Salesforce system – but not all applications are created equally. The differences between 100% native application for the Salesforce platform, and non-native apps are significant. To compare the differences between native Salesforce applications and non-native, click here.

50+ Things To Look For In An Enterprise Process Management Solution

Salesforce tools are great for automating repetitive processes, but the ability to utilize fully-structured, pre-built processes aren’t representative of most processes in an organization. This white paper digs into key topics in enterprise process management solutions, including: implementation, testing, integration, monitoring analysis and reporting customization. For more on this topic, click here.

6 Deadly Project Management Problems

There are six common problems that impact organizations more than many realize. To learn more about the “6 Deadline Project Management Problems,” click here.

Work-Relay FAQs

Work-Relay is a Process and Project Management System for complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing environments. It allows companies to define, visualize, and drive the flow of production work through the organization using seamlessly integrated process and project functionality on the Salesforce platform. For more on Work-Relay, click here.