VISA REASON CODES – Authorization Errors, Reason Codes 70, 71, 72, 73, 77, and 78

Enroll in this 30 minute online course from the VISA Business School and learn how to sharpen your authorization error related dispute resolution skills.

This 30 minute online course highlights the essential Visa reason codes (codes 70, 71, 72, 73, 77, 78) chargeback and representment requirements.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the different types of authorization error related disputes that can occur and the key requirements that must be considered.

Real-life case examples are used throughout the course to help illustrate specific processing error dispute circumstances.  This course is included in the bundled online course called Understanding Dispute Resolution.


1 course, 30 minutes total, 6 month unlimited access after purchase

Key Topics

  • Introduction provides a high level look at the Authorization Error chargeback category and highlights the different dispute situations under which an issuer can initiate a chargeback to recover financial losses or when a chargeback is processed on behalf of a cardholder.
  • Reason Code 70: Recovery Bulletin or the Exception File with a Negative Status describes the circumstances under which reason code 70 applies and covers applicable chargeback processing time frames. It provides a clear definition of the Card Recovery Bulletin and Exception File and identifies when reason code 70 can or cannot be initiated. It also walks through the representment requirements that must be met to remedy a reason code 70 chargeback.
  • Reason Code 71: Declined Authorization walks through the chargeback requirements and processing time frames that apply under reason code 71. It also reviews the conditions under which a reason code 71 chargeback is invalid and spells out the representment requirements that must be met to remedy a reason code 71 chargeback.
  • Reason Code 72: No Authorization identifies the specific conditions that must be considered when processing a reason code 72 chargeback. Special Authorization Procedures are covered as they apply to certain types of transactions (i.e. hotel rental, car rental, cruise lines, MO/TO, eCommerce, and AFD) could have an impact on reason code 72 chargeback rights. And since Reason code 72 includes conditions for fallback transactions that are not processed in accordance with authorization requirements, mandatory data for fallback transactions is also covered. Key points on how an acquirer can remedy a reason code 72 chargeback are included.
  • Reason Code 73: Expired Card highlights the chargeback conditions and processing time frames that apply under reason code 73. Acquirer representment rights are also covered.
  • Reason Code 77: Non-matching Account Number explains the different chargeback conditions that apply under reason code 77 and outlines processing time frames.  It also discusses the acquirer’s representment rights and the supporting documentation requirements that must be met.
  • Reason Code 78: Service Code Violation reviews the chargeback right and processing time frame that apply when when an authorization was not obtained for a magnetic-stripe read transaction on a Visa Electron Card or on a Visa card in a registered mandatory positive authorization account range. Service Code digits are also identified and defined.  Key points on how an acquirer can remedy a reason code 78 chargeback are included.
  • Resources to Know About highlights the many different Visa tools and resources available to dispute resolution team members. Visa dispute resolution support contact details are also covered.

Understanding VISA Reason Codes – Who Should View This Course?

  • Staff new to chargeback and dispute resolution.
  • Staff from other departments who require an understanding of chargeback concepts and requirements.
  • Staff experienced in chargeback and other dispute resolution processes who need a refresher course.

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