5 Signs You Should Outsource Your Lead Generation

Marketing is a major challenge, primarily because business growth and stability depend on it. Because of the huge impact that marketing brings to the table, it’s necessary for your company to do it right.

The very first thing you’ll need is a team that can consistently bring in quality leads. By outsourcing your lead generation, you can meet company goals with maximum success rates but at minimum costs in terms of money, time, and energy.

Here are questions to ask to help you decide if partnering with an outsourced lead generation company is right for your organization:

  1. Do I have the capacity to manage an internal sales team?

Hiring and managing sales reps require time and effort. You’ll need to find people who have a knack for finding prospects and nurturing relationships with them, as well as those who have great talent in closing sales.

Regardless of these innate skills, you’ll need to monitor their individual performance and productivity. You’ll also need to keep in check each of your staff’s motivation levels to make sure they deliver the numbers you need. Remember that all these should form part of your managerial responsibilities and accountability.

  1. Do I have the tools and technology for generating leads?

Your sales people need to have the proper tools such as phones, computers, workstations, and office space to place calls and make follow-ups with sales prospects.

Technology-wise, you’ll need to invest in the right CRM software that keeps track of calls made, and those that generated feedback from leads. Outsourced sales teams come prepared with this kind of specialized technology, which can be very helpful if you’re targeting to strike a good balance between having high-quantity and high-quality leads.

  1. Do I have the data needed by my team?

Launching a sales campaign has to be backed by data, as you would want your team to concentrate on placing calls rather than trying to collect data.

Lead generation companies have a wealth of data resources – contact numbers, email address, company name, client profile, buying preferences, sales history, social networks, and the like. Gathering data is a very laborious process, but this is what lead generation companies are paid to do.

  1. Do I have the means to monitor results and measure success?

You’d want to know whether you’re doing things right, or which part you’re doing wrong. However, it’s hard to remain objective when it comes to measuring your team’s success. This is where metrics come into play.

Metrics should include benchmarks of your performance in comparison with other relevant campaigns, usually from your business competitors. With those values, you gain better insights, allowing you to design a set of best practices culled from the achievements of various industry leaders and which you can bring into your own organization.

  1. Do I understand the overall cost of staffing internal sales reps?

Hiring an in-house sales team entails major costs. For one, you need to pay them their compensation and benefits all-year round, compared with paying for outsourcing services only when you need them. Add to this the costs that will set you back in acquiring office and IT infrastructure resources.

Another intangible asset involved is the time and energy you will spend on organizing, training, coaching, and regularly meeting your team members, all of which redound to unnecessary expenses and lost opportunities.

If you’re not completely confident with your answers to these questions but still doubt the goodness behind outsourced lead generation process, don’t be disheartened. Like you, many marketers have the same dilemma about having an outsider handle their marketing campaigns where the upper hand on product knowledge seems to point to those from the inside.

Then again, marketing professionals and experts attest to the following benefits of handing over the lead generation process to an outsourcing company:

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