How LOs Can Leverage Technology To REPLACE REFI BUSINESS

As RatePlug CEO Brad Springer once said: “When it is time to find new business, there is no easy button.”

If you are responsible for driving net new home finance business, the days of easy refis are gone. And the easy button simply doesn’t exist.

Luckily, the ways agents are using the MLS to list properties has made it easier for LOs to market themselves. That is, if LOs are equipped to support the agent on the MLS.

That’s where companies like RatePlug, a technology platform that generates new opportunities for lenders by integrating loan information into the MLS listing, can help.

By integrating the true monthly cost of a property with the MLS listing, lenders and agents using RatePlug help home buyers better understand whether or not they will qualify to buy the home. Smarter homebuyers tender to close faster – which benefits everyone!

Stay Connected With Your Agents – Get More Visibility for Your Rates

Replacing REFI business with new home finance opportunities starts by making and strengthening connections with real estate agents. To do this at scale, you’ll need more tools than ever to maintain an edge.

To start, you’ll want to partner with real estate agents to get your published listed on their MLS listed properties. In fact, according to Realtor Magazine, 74 percent of homebuyers consider the mortgage company referred by their agent. A listing within the MLS is the best referral you can get and will pay dividends because you are effectively inserting yourself into the transaction and using the power of the MLS to stay visible, connected and relevant in the agent community.

Because LOs aren’t directly involved in the MLS process, it’s easy to overlook it and forget why it’s such an integral part of how real estate agents market their properties.

Staying relevant in the mortgage game comes down to connections. RatePlug helps you stay relevant and visible within the MLS by connecting your rates with your trusted real estate agents.

Not only does RatePlug’s technology empower home buying by connecting mortgage lenders and realtors, it creates the necessary link for LOs to better position themselves in the competitive market. When RatePlug enrolled agents invite lenders to connect on RatePlug, their originators become directly integrated within the local MLS.

That’s why LOs love the MLS – because of the relationship it creates between the agent and the home buyer — for that reason it is as close to that silver bullet solution you’ll ever see.