Collaborative Work Management System

Process-Driven Project Management FAQs About Work-Relay

What organizations need to know about Work-Relay’s collaborative work management system

Work-Relay is a Collaborative Work Management System for organizations that run complex process-driven projects for uncertain and rapidly changing environments, e.g. clinical trials, construction, equipment, installation and custom manufacturing. It was created so that these industries can significantly improve the on-time completion of projects, without sacrificing quality or increasing cost.

Typically, enterprise companies that run process-driven projects must choose between a project management platform or a process management platform. Using 100% native Salesforce process management functionality, Work-Relay allows companies to intermix the two systems, in order to better define, visualize, and drive the flow of production work across the organization. Work-Relay accomplishes this in a number of ways.

  • Manages the complex processes that drive production projects.
  • Provides complete visibility over all project processes.
  • Provides an effective tracking system for projects.
  • Provides a consistent, objective early warning system.


Work-Relay’s goal is to improve the ontime completion of projects without sacrificing quality and without increasing cost. It does this with simple pricing. This license provides full access to all Work-Relay functionality — including process, project and resource management.

How is Work-Relay process management different from native Salesforce process management?

Salesforce process management functionality is focused on automating well-defined, stable, predictable workflows. Work-Relay is focused on complex, human-centric processes that typically cannot be fully defined upfront, that tend to change frequently, and need to handle unpredictable events. In addition, Work-Relay infuses processes with project and resource management capability.

Work-Relay is built to handle process-driven projects from the ground up. Working off the same set of data, it adds a timeline dimension to processes, and a process dimension to projects. Having a single integrated platform significantly reduces organizational complexity, reduces software, training and administrative costs, and provides a holistic view of production work across the organization.

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