Excellent overview of the vendor landscape for collaborative work management from Forrester.

You can purchase their report here and learn what Forrester thinks about Clarizen, Redbooth, Wrike, Planview, Asana, Smartsheet, LeanKit, Atlassian, Workfront, ServiceNow, Huddle, and LiquidPlanner.

First, what is Collaborative Work Management

When the customer is the central focus of a company’s strategy, its employees must work together more efficiently. Every day, employees focus their activities on helping their companies win, serve, and retain customers, even if the employees aren’t engaging face-to-face. Cross-functional and cross-organizational initiatives are becoming the norm, and sharing information is essential; unfortunately, employees require a multitude of applications to do this. Firms are demanding more-seamless user experience for the technologies that employees use, and as a result, a new market that brings together task management and collaboration has emerged. Collaborative work management (CWM) tools enable employees to address both needs in the same application.

Some highlights from the report

Customer-obsessed firms take an outside-in approach, relying heavily on collaboration, to deliver desirable products and services. Product, marketing, and technology teams exchange information with a wide circle of people, both internal and external to the company. Employees spend 13% of their time creating emails, documents, and presentations and 11% reading them.1 Email remains the primary vehicle for sharing information: 77% of information workers use email to communicate internally, and 76% use it to share information with external partners — and they do so frequently. Twenty-six percent of respondents are on email at least several times a day, and 53% are on it constantly; these interruption-driven activities reduce the amount of time spent on an actual task activity to a mere 18%.


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