How Admins Can Soar By Building Apps

Most businesspeople do not find the idea that they can “use an app builder to develop their own software solutions” very appealing. They have plenty of work to do without building apps. And the thought of having to be a part-time “developer” is especially unappealing. The same is true for Administrators.

But the barrier to building apps is falling – more Admins are becoming developers whether they want to be or not – but not in the traditional sense.   

In the old days, if you needed something typed, you wrote it by hand and gave it to a typist. Today, it seems incomprehensible – we are all typists now.  But you wouldn’t see yourself as a “typist”.

The goal of software like Work-Relay is NOT to turn users and administrators into developers. The goal is to provide them with tools so that they do not have to become programmers.

Consider drones.

A drone “pilot” needs many fewer qualifications to operate a drone than a pilot has to fly a jet. Yet a drone today can accomplish much of what a fighter jet can accomplish – with much less training and a lot less effort. How? By dramatically simplifying what the person has to do to accomplish an objective.

Drone technicians are never going to become fighter jet pilots. Just because they can take off and land, do aerial surveillance and fire a missile doesn’t mean they are capable of becoming jet pilots. The whole point is that, given the right tools, the drone technician doesn’t ever have to become a pilot in order to achieve a significant sub-set of the functionality required by an experienced pilot.

Interestingly enough, jet pilots are unlikely to become drone technicians either – the air force has found they have much better success when they take someone “off the street” and train them to pilot drones. Which makes sense – the technicians want as much done for them as possible, while the jet pilots are used to having complete control. It’s not easy to make the switch. That’s why a Java programmer is unlikely to start building applications with tools like Work-Relay.

So relax and start getting used to taking charge of your software solutions (the ones that don’t need the equivalent of a fighter pilot). You can do many of the same things as the drone pilot can that the fighter pilot – or typist – used to do.

Ready to help your administrators soar? Request a demo of Work-Relay and see for yourself how easy it has become to build solid workflow and process applications without knowing how to write code.