Chargeback Remediation Vendors – Stop Chargebacks

A short list of chargeback remediation vendors. Compare various chargeback prevention vendors. Other payments related topics are also available here. Updated VISA chargeback rules are also available on B2BLabs.

Chargeback Protection for Merchants
Stop Chargebacks with Verifi’s Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network “CDRN” Verifi’s award-winning CDRN enables near real-time communication between the merchant and issuer, to resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes before they become a chargeback.

Global Risk Technologies™
Global Risk Technologies™ has created the industry’s leading chargeback remediation solution, capable of reducing future risks and retaining more revenue.

Chargebacks911 is the original chargeback management company with solutions to prevent chargebacks before they happen and fight chargebacks once they …

ICE Totally Gaming
Intelligent Source Detection™: In order to effectively prevent chargebacks, merchants must first determine what really triggered the … Chargeback Remediation and Loss Prevention offers a hassle free solution for merchants to finally resolve their chargeback problems. Learn how to protect your profits.

Once a merchant has too many chargebacks, they are put on a remediation program to improve their chargeback percentages. Each acquiring bank deals with …

Dispute of recoverable chargebacks … Friendly Fraud; Self-fraud; Chargebacks unrelated to fraud, like commercial disagreements …

iCAN4CONSUMERS – International Payments Processing
iCAN4Consumers was founded to eliminate/reduce your chargeback and fraud … chargeback programs and the associated fines and penalties.

Chargebacks And Fraud | Peak Payments
Chargebacks can be one of the biggest challenges for any business. … Peak Payments offers a chargeback  tool that helps catch a chargeback …