The Top TSA Twitter Questions This Holiday Season

If you’ve ever wondered “can I bring that on my flight?” then TSA has the answer for you — via Twitter.

During this holiday season, the Twitter handle @AskTSA has been particularly busy as questions about what’s permitted on flights flood their communication lines. If you ever need a good laugh, or are genuinely curious about what is and isn’t allowed on a flight, this handle is worth checking out, notes Charlie Leocha of the website TravelersUnited.

And let’s face it – traveling can be stressful anytime; the holidays take that stress to the next level. That’s why, to help bring some entertainment your way this holiday season, we’ve gathered up some of the top traveler tweet conversations with @AskTSA, including many that otherwise seem a little odd to ask if it wasn’t the holiday season.

For those who may have more travel tip questions, Traveler’s United offers resources to fit your needs, including this piece: “7 low-tech holiday travel tips for a high-tech age.”

In the meantime, enjoy these tweets from @AskTSA.