100% Native Salesforce.com Apps: These Top Resources Explain the Benefits

Salesforce.com is one of the most valued and diverse platforms available for creating a personal relationship with your customers, and the AppExchange is a large part of what makes Salesforce such a rich and adaptable tool. But with so much third-party-generated content on the AppExchange, it is difficult to know what apps will improve your user experience and streamline your business.

Here are some resources to help you understand why native Salesforce Apps – that is apps built directly in the Force platform and not just integrated into Salesforce – are often the best choice.

“18 Advantages of a 100% Native Salesforce Application”

  • This PDF report from Work-Relay gives you a complete overview of what criteria defines a native app and breaks down the ways in which native apps excel above non-native or hybrid apps, in areas such as physical security, administration and upgrades.

“Want the Best Salesforce App? Look for 100% Native”

  • Knowing the advantages of native Salesforce apps isn’t much use, if you can’t find them.Here you can get more details on the downsides of non-native apps, and tips on identifying native, non-native (also known as integrated) and hybrid apps within the AppExchange.

“Native or Non-Native? Evaluating Salesforce Apps”

  • Examining the organization that created the app can also be useful guide on whether you’re dealing with a 100% native Salesforce app. This resource will give you tips on ambiguous listings which claim an app is 100% native, when it isn’t. It includes questions to direct to the organization that created the app and questions to ask about the organization itself.

“The Difference Being Salesforce Native Makes

  • But what does the Salesforce team itself have to say, about using native Salesforce apps versus integrated? You can listen to the CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, explain these advantages himself, during a Q&A at Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce.com’s annual user conference hosting IT leaders and professionals.

“Going Native” 

  • Not all the advantages in using native Salesforce apps come from the technical side. Salesforce.com has been praised for creating a strong community of CRM evangelists and business users. This link explains how supporting native Salesforce apps supports that community, and drives innovation and stability within the platform.

Best in Show: Native vs. Non-Native Mass Email Solutions”

  • But what about specific categories of apps and how do they measure up between native and non-native options? This article examines the top options in mass-email apps and the benefits of native apps quickly becomes clear. You can also see how “free” tools and templates associated with non-native apps can actually end up costing you more money than a 100% native Salesforce.com app.

For each app you use with Salesforce, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons for your own business needs. But not only can using 100% native Salesforce apps save you time, money and hassles, they provide consistent reliability and a user community that can overcome any technical challenge a business user might face.