Travel complaints – learn to do it right

TRAVEL COMPLAINTS – Learn effective ways to complain to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

When passengers comment on airline service, most airlines do listen. They analyze and keep track of the travel complaints and compliments they receive, and they use the information to determine what the public wants, and to identify problem areas that need special attention. They also try to resolve individual complaints.

Like other businesses, airlines have a lot of discretion in how they respond to problems. Within your legal rights, your demands for monetary compensation will probably be subject to negotiation. The kind of action you get depends in large part on the way you go about complaining.

IMPORTANT: The Department of Transportation (DOT) keeps very careful track of all complaints. Any time that anyone complains to an airline, they should also fill out the DOT complaint form. This way the complaints are entered into a national database.

Start with the Department of Transportation (DOT) complaint form and contact to the airline. (

Though the DOT may not be the right place to solve your problem, because it is more than likely a customer service issue, sending a complaint through the DOT complaint process will allow complaining passengers to make sure that all relevant information is included in the complaint. DOT will forward the complaint to the appropriate airline. Getting a message from DOT makes the airlines respond far more quickly than they may with a normal complaint.

Plus, DOT maintains a list of travel complaints and the types of complaints. This list is maintained and used for future rulemakings. If thousands of passengers complain about lack of room in coach, DOT will note that. Perhaps a future rulemaking may include a guarantee of “humane” space for travelers.