Know your rights and travel smarter

Travel Rights provides the “rules of travel” for travelers to help them avoid problems and get the best possible service available with the fewest hassles.

Even seasoned travelers have been faced with travel hassles—being bumped off an airline flight, missing connections because of a late arrival, having baggage lost, or being delayed by weather. Others have been faced with rental car reservations that have disappeared or been uncertain as to whether they really needed that collision damage waiver counter personnel present when signing rental contracts.

When everything works well, business and vacation travelers return with smiles on their faces. But, when things go wrong, those smiles can change to frustrated frowns and anger.

So, be prepared when travel goes awry. It’s the travelers who know their travel rights who get to their destination — on time and with all their belongings, or who get the service or refunds they deserve.

Getting the word out

Airlines, automobile rental companies and credit card issuers all spend small fortunes attempting to let travelers know about all the deals and benefits available to them. But the information is overwhelming and it comes in scores of brochures, with credit card bills, on the back of airline tickets, in fine print on car rental agreements, with coupons in grocery stores, tucked in marketing pitches, and on Internet Web sites.

Free eBook – Learn all about your travel rights

Travelers United takes all the hard-to-read information from obscure places in travel documents and makes it easy to find, easy to read and easy to use. When travelers know their travel rights, they know what they can expect from the travel industry.

Head over to and learn more about how you can utilize your travel rights to work in your favor when the unthinkable happens or the service you are given is not adequate.