What is Decrapification?

There’s a joke common among help desk techs that if you can’t walk an executive through their technical problem, get their 10 year old child on the phone and they’ll be able to do it.

Decrapification is simply removing everything except the essence.

Decrapification is the exact opposite of hubris, gaudiness, waste, convoluted thinking, and consensus by committee

Derapification can be powerful.

Decrapification is not simplistic or simple-minded because it can bring order to things that are complex.  

Decrapification is a powerful tool in the right hands…but, in the words of Spiderman,
with great power there must also come–great responsibility!

Decrapification has different meanings to different people.

For people cleaning out their closet, it means tossing those pants that haven’t fit in 3 years, that awful Hawaiian shirt your mother-in-law bought you, or that baby blue ruffled tux you wore to  prom in 1978.

For people buying a new PC, it means removing of all the manufacturer installed bloatware.  

For those of us in marketing and sales, it means eliminating everything that isn’t absolutely vital to finding a customer.

It means getting rid of the things that complicate our marketing plans so we can spend time improving our bottom line.  

As easy as it sounds, decrapification isn’t simple.  

In the words of Spencer Johnson’s bestseller, no one likes having their cheese moved. Most people would rather get a root canal than alter their routines, patterns, or habits, especially in business. The fact is most of us never change until we are absolutely forced by circumstance to do so. Simplicity isn’t simple because we like to justify our mistakes with complex routines.

There are many ways you can decrapify.  Over the coming months, we’ll talk more about decrapification.